Please, nobody panic

I’m about to do something really weird that I don’t think I’ve ever done before, and I don’t know how it’s going to play out, so I really need you all to trust me. Okay? Here goes. I’m about to lay down some very serious gratitude.

Anyone who has been there for me over the past couple of months, whether you have stayed up with me online or in person listening to me complain, keeping me “sane,” commiserating, or just sending memes, I’m sending you a massive hug right now through my computer screen. Thank you for showing me that community and solidarity and compassion are still real things, even for me, even in a time like this. You have no idea what you’ve done for me. ❤

Now for some poetry/life news:

  1. My reading last week (7/22) at The Second Reader in Buffalo was AMAZING. It was such a rush meeting all of the people I have been lowkey (and sometimes also highkey) internet-stalking for months. I hadn’t quite done it in this same capacity before, but there’s just something about being in a room full of other literary-minded people who understand your art and who want the same things. Bonus points when, like the folks in Buffalo, they are all ridiculously talented and friendly. As for the experience of having my first “serious” reading… I think I’m addicted, you guys.
  2. My new friend Brandon Diehl just started a new webzine called Philosophical Idiot, a much needed refuge for all of the weird poetry and prose floating out in the world. If you have something to submit, do it and get on this thing before it explodes. (Also, shameless plug: check out my poem about squeezing Bukowski’s balls that was just published there this morning.)
  3. Speaking of Brandon Diehl and poetry readings, Fun And Cool reminder that I’m reading at Nine Stories in Lawrenceville with him, Gretchen Uhrinek, Scott Silsbe, and Sarah Shotland on 8/26. If you like poetry and cool people, you should come and listen to this awesome group. If you hate poetry, come anyway and give me a hug!Image may contain: text
  4. I’m officially moving to Pittsburgh, PA on August 19! First apartment, first time (aside from college) living away from my parents, and soon starting my first Real Adult Job. (Until then, PayPal donations and bulk shipments of Chef Boyardee are encouraged (I also like frozen El Monterrey taquitos, if you live close by.))
  5. Last week, I crossed the border for the very first time and went to Canada with Nick and our two friends and it was amazing. I lost five bucks at the casino and nobody told me my shirt was tucked in badly the entire time, but I had a blast and (vanity incoming) managed to have some good pictures taken of me.

    the me
    I like this photo even though I didn’t take it and that’s a BIG DEAL. So buzz off.

Life is weeeeeeird. It would be greedy for me to expect anything cooler than this to ever come my way, and yet I can’t help but feel like there’s even more cool stuff on the horizon. Until then, you know where to find me: dissociating for hours in bed with my phone opened to the Twitter app.

Come on. I know you’ve done it, too.


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