the kind of person who will just as easily and skillfully debate the aesthetic qualities of first person persona poetry and what dipping sauces should or should not be used on French fries. Kat is the kind of person that would give Matthew Arnold nightmares because she so easily transgresses high and low culture. To paraphrase the Old El Paso girl in that one commercial, Kat Giordano asks her audience “Why can’t we have both?” It is this facet of Kat that makes her admirable and fascinating to her friends and readers alike.

Martha Larkin, best friend & aesthetic counsel

if you wrapped the smirk emoji in thick slices of various Italian meats

Matt Lee, friend since 2007

These individuals were not compensated for their feedback but Kat Giordano would totally spot them if they were short a few bucks at Taco Bell because she is not a monster.